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Art Monthly Talk Show 10th March 2014












How to Improve your Algorithm. Chris Fite-Wassilak on reclaiming the digital landscape. As our self-surveilling culture of digital sharing turns increasingly dystopian, how have artists – such as Adam Curtis, Simon Denny, Fiona Marron, Dennis McNulty and others – worked to show that these all-encompassing datascapes remain ours to transform?


‘Edward Snowden’s disclosures have helped spark a public awareness and debate about where the internet’s liberatory aspirations might have led us. The next step in shifting the debate could be away from paranoia and Matrix-like reductivism to a more proactive embrace.’


To Blog or not to Blog?  Omar Kholeif asks the question if online publishing holds so many advantages over print, why is it that much web-specific writing continues to suffer from sloppy sub-editing and link-bait, content-farming tendencies? And where does this leave art criticism in a post-blogging age? ‘The worry is that the exploratory nature of longer forms of criticism is increasingly replaced with the quick-fire list which can be easily viewed on an iPhone – distracted cultural snacking.’


Larne Abse Gogarty reviews Time & Motion: Redefining Working Life FACT, Liverpool

Hosted by Chris McCormack the Assistant Editor of Art Monthly.

Previous episodes are available on Art Monthly’s website www.artmonthly.co.uk/events.htm

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