Art Monthly Talk Show October 13th 2014





Paul Carey-Kent, Dave Beech and Andrew Hunt discuss their texts together.

Public Art Attack


Andrew Hunt on the importance of antagonism in public art


Public art is often seen as the worst kind of bland, art-by-committee cultural filler, but haven’t recent works by artists such as Bill Drummond, Scott King and Mike Nelson shown how genuinely charged art in the public arena can be?


‘Scott King’s concept of “de-regeneration” has previously allowed for an emotive deconstruction of regeneration through the proposal of alternative monuments.’

To Boycott or not to Boycott?

Dave Beech asks the question

Political activism has made an astonishing return to the art world over the past few years, with the threat of artists’ withholding their work from exhibitions the most popular recent trend. But what is the nature of these different protest tactics, and how can artists effect change?

‘The art boycott is not principally associated with the withdrawal from work but the withdrawal of participation, in which participation is understood to be charged with ethical consent.’

Folkestone Triennial: Lookout

Paul Carey-Kent on the 2014 Folkstone  Triennia: Lookout

The show is hosted by Chris McCormack the Assistant Editor of Art Monthly.

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