Sunday Play: The Theif

On the morning of the 29th November 2005, a black plastic case containing an amanoiwabue (a natural stone flute) belonging to the sound artist Akio Suzuki disappeared from the luggage rack of an Amsterdam bound train from Paris Gare du Nord. The seat number was 55, carriage number 18. By the time the theft was noticed the train had already passed Antwerp but the case may have been stolen before the train left the Gare du Nord. This is the tale of the theif.

A play written by Johny Brown. For more info please visit or contact:

  • The Theif was performed live in the ResonanceFM studio on 7th April 2007.
  • The Theif was played by Joanna Pickering
  • The Angel was played by Samuel Collings
  • The music was provided by Howard Jaques and Johny Brown and it was produced by Alisdair McGregor

At time of broadcast, the stone flute remains missing. This play was written and performed in the hope that it can jog someone’s memory and reunite the stone with it’s rightful guardian.

Shine on.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Play: The Theif

  1. garage door

    did the flute ever get returned then? was it the only one of it’s kind? maybe there was some kind of message going on, always brings up weird questions about ownership when something gets nicked, hope it is being enjoyed either way, cheers, m. x.

  2. salimfadhley

    The audio link has been corrected. Please leave a comment on any items you want to hear with missing audio, we are always happy to recover old archive stuff for listeners.

  3. K563

    This may be somewhat churlish, but surely the word (used several
    times, both in the title & the text above) is ‘Thief’?

    Interesting that the author’s name also appears to be incorrect,
    though that is possibly a form of personal choice. Doesn’t bode
    well for a literary career though…

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