Yummy Mummy: Series 1, episode 4

Continuing with our digging up of the original and rather different YMSR series from 2008, this week’s blast from the past comes to you from the park just round the corner from the Resonance studio, where the sun is shining and the birds are singing.  But even this pleasant scene throws up some intriguing questions, such as why is Yummy Mummy perched atop the band-stand dressed in a giant pigeon costume? And why is the evil Thomas Weaver-Baxter watching him through his field glasses and cackling? Could it all have something to do with today being the inaugural day of the mating season for all winged creatures of the air? Will Yummy Mummy get his feathers ruffled? And couldn’t we have given radio legend Willem De Ridder a slightly better role?

Objectionable tomfoolery for children of all ages.