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Outsider In – Adam Bohman and Patrizia Paolini

James is delighted to host Adam Bohman and Patrizia Paolini who perform live for your pleasure in 5 movements, unhindered by the sounds of the city in the background. This is a rare treat and should not be missed.

Outsider In – UK Uncut & Heathcote Williams

Proving it is hard to learn by his mistakes, James embarks on another series of Outsider In where we may find insight into the world of the ‘outsider’. In the first episode we find James accidentally embroiled in facing off the mainstream media when they assume he represents UKUncut… Heathcote Williams sends James a new […]

Outsider In Chrismas Appeal – R Stevie Moore

Largely unappreciated musician and composer Robert Stephen Moore born in Nashville in 1950, matured in New Jersey and now returned to his home town again in 2010, penniless and homeless – will you help him at Christmas? Why not join us and help Steve by sending some money via PayPal to, that’s… He […]

Outsider In – Dan Wilson

I think by now I should have podcasted this show – This edition of Outsider In features Resonance104.4fm vetenarian Dan Wilson. Dan reluctantly appeared live as my guest on in the Resonance studio. Nonetheless we both saw it through. I hope you can as well. Dan Wilson created and hosted the wonderful Hellbore Shew and […]

Outsider In – Life in R.V. Parks

This man is not on holiday. He is a war hero who has had his young daughter taken away from him and put into care. He had been serving in Gulf War I and II and decorated with a silver star and 5 purple hearts. He cut his thumb off with a chainsaw just before […]

Outsider In – Butte

You find a gaggle of hung over residents of Butte wishing they had not drunk so much after a week of festivities of Evel Kneivel week in a bar in Butte Montana – the best way to deal with this is to drink quantities of Capt. Morgan or Marys. James lapses into a gastly transatlantic […]

Outsider In – Dave Cloud

Dave Cloud is a music visionary and the principal of Dave Cloud and The Gospel of Power. You might even have seen him advertising a well-known brand of American beer recently. By day, Dave’s whiskey voice is used to read books to the blind. By night, he manifests as a high priest of punk-disco. Some […]

Outsider In – Adam Bohman

Adam Bohman? Is that the guy who was in Morphogenesis oh yeah… and the Bohman Brothers and Conspiracy, yeah. Well right, I better get on and listen to him play live then. Who is James Tregaskis though? Salut!

Outsider In – Jaap Blonk

Delightful to have internationally renowned composer, sound poet and musician Jaap Blonk as our guest this week on Outsider in. Jaap explains safe ways to check your voice; the excercises he uses, demonstrates his cheek synthesiser, discusses his recent work with electronics and performs with gusto.

Outsider In – People Like Us

This week, we eavesdrop on James and his guest, People Like Us (Vicki Bennett). Be sure to don your tin foil hat and join James as he is fends off an amusingly refractory Vicki. As a struggling artist, is it not better to be an “insider” or, should one strive to qualify as an “outsider” […]