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Outsider In might have an outsider musician or outsider artist or both, judt dont let the host get ahead of himself…

Outsider In – Adam Bohman and Patrizia Paolini

James is delighted to host Adam Bohman and Patrizia Paolini who perform live for your pleasure in 5 movements, unhindered by the sounds of the city in the background. This is a rare treat and should not be missed.

Outsider In – UK Uncut & Heathcote Williams

Proving it is hard to learn by his mistakes, James embarks on another series of Outsider In where we may find insight into the world of the ‘outsider’. In the first episode we find James accidentally embroiled in facing off the mainstream media when they assume he represents UKUncut… Heathcote Williams sends James a new anti-government poem which he will read out for the first time and live on air… this is underpinned by more candid UKUncut field recordings and advice on nuclear safety. James hopes you can put aside the 10 O’clock news and listen to something much more useful. Next week, Adam Bohman and Patrizia Paolini use their voices, in a good way….

Turner’s Subversive Boat by Heathcote Williams
The painter, Turner,
Hid in a boat on the Thames
In 1851.

He’d moored it mid-stream
So those taking the Census
Couldn’t question him –

He slyly ducked state snoops
Determined to snaffle up
His life’s last detail

For anonymous
Government authorities.
He preferred to be

Known for dream landscapes;
For ‘The Fighting Temeraire’;
For his red-gold skies;

Stonehenge at sunset;
Salisbury Cathedral’s spire
Wreathed in brooding mist;

Wreckers’ rugged coasts;
Seascapes of Northumberland.
He’d stay out all night

To catch next day’s dawn
Then he’d paint it as timeless –
The light of the world.

He’d beat cold weather
With layers of silk handkerchiefs
Hanging from his hat –

This man in a boat,
J. Mallord William Turner,
Freeborn Englishman –

Choosing to live by
Ignoring the powers that be
And plying his oars,

Looking for beauty
In whatever caught his eye
As well as for truth.

In Turner’s painting
‘The Slave Ship’, bodies in chains
Are thrown overboard

By the slaves’ masters
To be set upon by sharks –
A routine practice

When the slave owners
Found their cargo troublesome,
Or too ill to treat;

Unprofitable to feed,
Or just pining to be free.
The snares of the State

Are now much subtler,
But slaves are still rounded up,
Farmed for their taxes,

Spied on by cameras,
Questioned by nosy strangers
Filling in dull forms

Such as the Census,
So the State may know who’s who
If there’s civil unrest.

Bobbing in his boat
And never to be enslaved,
Turner ruled the waves.

Outsider In Chrismas Appeal – R Stevie Moore

After 11,000 miles from LA to Alaska then to Bloomfield... "I fell down" running through my head

Donate to this man, he needs it: via Paypal

Largely unappreciated musician and composer Robert Stephen Moore born in Nashville in 1950, matured in New Jersey and now returned to his home town again in 2010, penniless and homeless – will you help him at Christmas? Why not join us and help Steve by sending some money via PayPal to, that’s… He really needs the help. original broadcast 2.20pm on Boxing day – Listen to exclusive recordings of the good man, presented by James Tregaskis.

Donate Here

Outsider In – Dan Wilson

I think by now I should have podcasted this show –

This edition of Outsider In features Resonance104.4fm vetenarian Dan Wilson.
Dan reluctantly appeared live as my guest on in the Resonance studio. Nonetheless we both saw it through.
I hope you can as well.

Dan Wilson created and hosted the wonderful Hellbore Shew and Epistaxis Time. He also gave me a paperback book on beer recipes he found on his way over to meet me.


Outsider In – Life in R.V. Parks


This man is not on holiday. He is a war hero who has had his young daughter taken away from him and put into care. He had been serving in Gulf War I and II and decorated with a silver star and 5 purple hearts. He cut his thumb off with a chainsaw just before I met up with him in a campsite in Vermont. We hear of his war adventures and meet up with his blind Vietnam Vet buddy. Scott lives in a trailer worth $1000 with his wife – he has no job now – there are many like him.

We also hear an exerpt of an inpromptu gathering of 60 bluegrass musicians who meet up in Nothern Idaho each year to play together.

Finally, James wins $1:60 in a first nation run Casino on the Canadian border.

Outsider In broadcast on Saturday 13th June 2009 half an hour early so you can hear all of it now in case you missed it.

Outsider In – Butte



You find a gaggle of hung over residents of Butte wishing they had not drunk so much after a week of festivities of Evel Kneivel week in a bar in Butte Montana – the best way to deal with this is to drink quantities of Capt. Morgan or Marys. James lapses into a gastly transatlantic drawl as he coaxes real-life stories from his fellow drinkers. This photo was taken at the time of the recording. The other photo is of someone making a BBC documentary just before Mr. Kneivel passed on.

Outsider In – Dave Cloud


Dave Cloud is a music visionary and the principal of Dave Cloud and The Gospel of Power. You might even have seen him advertising a well-known brand of American beer recently.

By day, Dave’s whiskey voice is used to read books to the blind. By night, he manifests as a high priest of punk-disco. Some call him a shaman, others a lost genius.

On the programe, he plays live over the phone with his band from Nashville. Dave discusses embarassing memories, police torture, his early days as a punk, eating Brazilian cows and other subjects dear to his heart.

James Tregaskis hopes you enjoy hearing some of the new songs Dave has recorded, including “Take you Slow” off Sexton Mings forthcoming album.

Outsider In – Adam Bohman


Adam Bohman? Is that the guy who was in Morphogenesis oh yeah… and the Bohman Brothers and Conspiracy, yeah.

Well right, I better get on and listen to him play live then.

Who is James Tregaskis though?



Outsider In – Jaap Blonk

Delightful to have internationally renowned composer, sound poet and musician Jaap Blonk as our guest this week on Outsider in.

Jaap explains safe ways to check your voice; the excercises he uses, demonstrates his cheek synthesiser, discusses his recent work with electronics and performs with gusto.

Outsider In – People Like Us


This week, we eavesdrop on James and his guest, People Like Us (Vicki Bennett).

Be sure to don your tin foil hat and join James as he is fends off an amusingly refractory Vicki. As a struggling artist, is it not better to be an “insider” or, should one strive to qualify as an “outsider” – simply to retain some integrity? Is the term “outsider musician/artist” a useful one or not?  We will have to leave these questions hanging in mid air for the time being…

James does hope that you enjoyed this series and would love to hear from you.

=> To get in contact: jtreg@resonancefm_dot_ com.

Thank You.