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Listen again – 15.02.14 – The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show

Hendrik Huthoff and sabrina Bose
Michael Garrad

Sincere thanks to all those people who contributed so generously and helped The Hello GoodBye Show raise over £1,100 for Resonance FM.

Unit – Iris Watson
Bugman Ex-Offender – Grow Your Own
Bark Studio – ‘Advert 1’
Dirty Viv – I Don’t Care
Jail – Emperor Of Nowhere
Pet Grotesque – Nimble
Sexton Ming – Homeward Bound
St. Just Vigilantes – Radient Cadences
Michael Garrad from Chips For The Poor – Body Beats (LIVE SESSION)
Sol Ho’opi’i Novelty Trio – Singing The Blues (paid for by Madame Pamita)
Hearts Of Oak – Rodeo Machine
Steve Rushton – The Famous Case, Of Two Terrible Teeth, From Haywards Heath
Stuart Turner And The Flat Earth Society – Call Me Dave
The 5th Runway – Pond Life
Howlround – Snezjana
Hendrik Huthoff and Sabrina Bose dance a tango to: Y Todavia Te Quiero (LIVE DANCE)
Vic Godard And Mates Mates -(Oh Alright) Go On Then
Skinjobs – Walk Tall
Richard Chapman from Private Trousers – Too Tired Too (contact: privatetrousers@gmail.com)
Gemma Lowe – Stephanie
A.J. Dehaney – Impossible Creatures
Unit – Bourgeois Blues
Bugman Ex-Offender – Temple
Dirty Viv – Elizabeth Knows

Presented by: deXter Bentley (assisted by Dan Frost)
Live sound engineer: Gabo Manchano

Hello GoodBye – 24.11.12 – Sexton Ming, Hand of Stabs & Broken Banjo

Sir Sexjohn Betjeming
Performance artist, painter, poet, musician, author, singer, songwriter, independent record label impresario… the list goes on, Sexton Ming is truly a 21st Century renaissance man and this afternoon on Resonance FM he curates the entire 90 minutes of The Hello GoodBye Show
Featuring live input from Sexton Ming, Hand of Stabs and Broken Banjo.
Sexton will also playing the 10 tunes that he would choose to take with him if locked up in solitary confinement.

Buddy Holly & the Crickets – Not Fade Away
Hand of Stabs – ‘untitled improvisation’ (LIVE SESSION)
Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf
Hand of Stabs – ‘interview’
Frank Zappa – G -Spot Tornado
David Bowie – There is a Happy Land
Sexton Ming – Chalk Farm Rugby Pitch (LIVE POEM)
Sexton Ming – Obese Young Mothers (LIVE POEM)
Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy
Janis Joplin – Work Me Lord
H.P. Lovecraft – Let’s Get Together
Sexton Ming – The Rain (LIVE POEM)?
Low – Over the Ocean
Sigur Ros – Von
Broken Banjo – Regretamin and the Horse (LIVE SESSION)
Broken Banjo – Le Barry (LIVE SESSION)
Broken Banjo – ‘interview’
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – Magic Be

Presenters: Sexton Ming & deXter Bentley?
Live sound engineers: Tom Kemp & Joe Oldfield

Outsider In – Dave Cloud


Dave Cloud is a music visionary and the principal of Dave Cloud and The Gospel of Power. You might even have seen him advertising a well-known brand of American beer recently.

By day, Dave’s whiskey voice is used to read books to the blind. By night, he manifests as a high priest of punk-disco. Some call him a shaman, others a lost genius.

On the programe, he plays live over the phone with his band from Nashville. Dave discusses embarassing memories, police torture, his early days as a punk, eating Brazilian cows and other subjects dear to his heart.

James Tregaskis hopes you enjoy hearing some of the new songs Dave has recorded, including “Take you Slow” off Sexton Mings forthcoming album.

Outsider In – Episode 3 Sexton Ming

sexton_beach1This week on Outsider In James Tregaskis guest – the inimitable Sexton Ming. Ming spins a number of yarns and dashes off a batch of songs with gusto in a show specially recorded á la maison Ming.