Listen again – 15.02.14 – The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show

Hendrik Huthoff and sabrina Bose
Michael Garrad

Sincere thanks to all those people who contributed so generously and helped The Hello GoodBye Show raise over £1,100 for Resonance FM.

Unit – Iris Watson
Bugman Ex-Offender – Grow Your Own
Bark Studio – ‘Advert 1’
Dirty Viv – I Don’t Care
Jail – Emperor Of Nowhere
Pet Grotesque – Nimble
Sexton Ming – Homeward Bound
St. Just Vigilantes – Radient Cadences
Michael Garrad from Chips For The Poor – Body Beats (LIVE SESSION)
Sol Ho’opi’i Novelty Trio – Singing The Blues (paid for by Madame Pamita)
Hearts Of Oak – Rodeo Machine
Steve Rushton – The Famous Case, Of Two Terrible Teeth, From Haywards Heath
Stuart Turner And The Flat Earth Society – Call Me Dave
The 5th Runway – Pond Life
Howlround – Snezjana
Hendrik Huthoff and Sabrina Bose dance a tango to: Y Todavia Te Quiero (LIVE DANCE)
Vic Godard And Mates Mates -(Oh Alright) Go On Then
Skinjobs – Walk Tall
Richard Chapman from Private Trousers – Too Tired Too (contact:
Gemma Lowe – Stephanie
A.J. Dehaney – Impossible Creatures
Unit – Bourgeois Blues
Bugman Ex-Offender – Temple
Dirty Viv – Elizabeth Knows

Presented by: deXter Bentley (assisted by Dan Frost)
Live sound engineer: Gabo Manchano