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Outsider In – Life in R.V. Parks


This man is not on holiday. He is a war hero who has had his young daughter taken away from him and put into care. He had been serving in Gulf War I and II and decorated with a silver star and 5 purple hearts. He cut his thumb off with a chainsaw just before I met up with him in a campsite in Vermont. We hear of his war adventures and meet up with his blind Vietnam Vet buddy. Scott lives in a trailer worth $1000 with his wife – he has no job now – there are many like him.

We also hear an exerpt of an inpromptu gathering of 60 bluegrass musicians who meet up in Nothern Idaho each year to play together.

Finally, James wins $1:60 in a first nation run Casino on the Canadian border.

Outsider In broadcast on Saturday 13th June 2009 half an hour early so you can hear all of it now in case you missed it.