Midnight Sex Talk: The Decline of the Gay Bar

Midnight Sex Talk – Decline of the Gay Bar?

Back in the 1990s, gay bars and clubs were the places to be. Everyone there seemed to be partying faster and harder, and more attractively, than anyone else. But everything’s changed a bit since then. What we’re asking this week is: have hook-up sites like Gaydar taken the emphasis away from the bar scene, and levelled the playing field a bit? And as the scene becomes more mainstream, how have the bars evolved in order to keep their identity?

We’ve got interviews with Pete, a long-term scene-goer, Russell from Halfway to Heaven, and Wendy, manager of the Retro Bar in Charing Cross.

What do you think? Do you hate bars, and find the whole thing a massive, pretentious bore? Or do you love them? Do you think that trying to meet someone on the internet is just for losers? Or has Gaydar changed your life?

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