Midnight Sex Talk: Sex Toys – Are They Really Necessary?

Midnight Sex Talk – Sex Toys – Are They Really Necessary?

Thought that might get you reading! Here at Chateau Midnight Sex Talk, we love sex toys; it would be positively heretical not to. But sometimes you have to stop and think: as they morph inexorably from ‘plaything’ to ‘absolute necessity’, have they evolved too far? (Ditto lube.)

Joining us in the studio is Angel from Sh! Womenstore, the first and still the best of the women-friendly, (hell, people-friendly), sex shops, and we’ve got an interview with Bertie from Mantric, who sell pretty nice stuff too, over the internet. We’re taking a look at the most popular toys, casting a curious eye over the more interesting, excessive, and expensive, offerings currently on the market, and dropping a few hints and health warnings into the mix.

This one was first broadcast on Sunday 13th March 2005. Midnight Sex Talk is taking a rest from the studio for a while, but if you want to drop us a line, or tell us what you’d like to hear more of, you can email us any time at midnightsextalk at gmail dot com.

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