Midnight Sex Talk – Sex Magick

Midnight Sex Talk – Sex Magick

Ever riffled through a book, or googled late into the night, to find the perfect spell to catch the person you really, really fancy? And then, after your shopping trip for ingredients, hurried home hunched over a plastic bag containing four candles, a sachet of cloves and a dead mackerel?

Ever wondered if there really could be a way to control others people’s desires though magic, and whether Satan is involved?

And have we, in the 21st century west, lost our sense of ritual? How many of you, for example, would admit to having made a voodoo doll?

Our guests in the studio were Christine Moon, adventurous priestess-in-training, who just happened to be in town and agreed to come on at the last minute; Marco Lovestar, the hero of the night; and Mystery Borealis, artist, stripper and all round party girl.

During the show, you will hear me make the mistake of saying the moon ‘wasn’t doing anything very interesting at the moment.’ I was rapidly corrected – and I was also wrong. A lot of very strange things happened around this show, before, during, and after, some of which cannot be related here…

This show was first broadcast on Sunday 13th February 2005. Midnight Sex Talk is taking a rest from the studio for a while, but if you want to drop us a line, or tell us what you’d like to hear more of, you can email us any time at midnightsextalk at gmail dot com.

More info here: MidnightSexTalk.com.

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