Midnight Sex Talk – Sex In The Movies

Midnight Sex Talk – Sex in the Movies

And we don’t mean porn, for once!

The history of sex in mainstream film is a parellel history of our world, whether pushing boundaries or simply reflecting what’s been going on behind closed doors for years, from Some Like It Hot to Secretary, via <9 1/2 Weeks and Basic Instinct, and more recent releases like Kinsey and 9 Songs.

Guests: our regular film critic Alex Fitch, of Backprojection.com, and film-maker and TV producer Havana Marking.

Go here and check out my first ever celebrity photocall….

This show was first broadcast on Sunday 27th February 2005. Midnight Sex Talk is taking a rest from the studio for a while, but if you want to drop us a line, or tell us what you’d like to hear more of, you can email us any time at midnightsextalk at gmail dot com.

More info here: MidnightSexTalk.com.

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