Midnight Sex Talk – Kids

Midnight Sex Talk – Kids

After football stories and debates about licensing hours, the next most popular subject in today’s news seems to be children; and it’s usually yet another crime, either committed by them, or done to them. Anecdotally, if you sit down with a group of people and talk about the worst thing about living in their area, the answer is very likely going to be the children – drugs, vandalism, stealing and violence.

On the other hand, plenty of people are still having children and then subjecting them to awful lives, whether intentionally or not. It’s heartbreaking. (Despite all this, anti-abortionists are gaining ground. If they get their way, are they going to commit to looking after all those extra unwanted children?)

So where does this leave sex? If it’s not teenage pregnancies (in the UK the highest in Europe), it’s the spread of STIs, and, god help us, rapes – of each other, and adults too.

So what’s going wrong? Because something is. Something’s blocking the flow of information (and understanding about self-respect) between adults and children. Despite all the programmes, articles, books, leaflets and clinics, nothing’s changing.

In the studio we’ve got artist and mother Tracey Moberly, and we spoke to Dr Petra Boynton over the phone.

This show was first broadcast on Sunday 30th January 2005. Midnight Sex Talk is resting for a while, but if you want to drop us a line, or tell us what you’d like to hear more of, you can email us any time at midnightsextalk at gmail dot com.

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