Marvin Suicide: 79 – One day my Prince will come.

Please find below the tracklisting for the magical musical mystery programme, marvin suicide. This is show number 79 and was broadcast on 30th July 2006.

1. Rosie by Dave from Chub Creek:

2. My Dubling Julia by Villa Diamante, From The Barrio:

3. The Heard World:

4. Wild Like A Tiger by Eek-A-Mouse, The Very Best Of Eek-A-Mouse:

5. I’m A Farmer by Gorse, Let The Gorse Be With You:

6. Paloma by Sidestepper:

7. Spinning On A Chair Inside A Room by He Can Jog & Terry Ubrien, Exhibition 1 Compilation:

8. I Wish I Were Twins by Jeff Healey:

Cheery bye.