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Free Lab Radio – Guest Mix Sataan Al Hassan

Free Lab Radio, produced in Dubai for Resonance104.4FM>Stream on Mixcloud or download the mp3 from Soundcloud.

Sataan Al-HassanSataan Al-Hassan, embracing the chance to “finally make a mix that allows the use of favourites with no restriction to genre”, brings us his recent playlist, selected and mixed especially for Free Lab Radio.

Al-Hassan grew up in Tunisia, Belgium, Luxembourg and is from Jordan. Now based in the UAE he is a self taught radio and club DJ, and the film programme coordinator at the Sharjah Art Foundation.

Broadcasts Saturday nights 11-midnight, UK time, repeats Thursdays 2-3am.

On air on 104.4FM on your radio across London. Listen online elsewhere with Radio Player.

Free Lab Radio – Overheated Motor

#FreeLabRadio – Over-Heated Motor by Fari

Free Lab Radio host Fari Bradley presents a mix for cars on long journeys in blazing summer heat.Broadcasts 11pm Saturday night BST (British Summer Time), repeats Wednesday 2am.

Featured are the Beastie Boys, Persian (from Essex), La Chiva Gantiva, DJ Schmolli, Mr Oizo, Noir Désir, Wildbirds and Peacedrums and Alek AK (Iran) and more.

Listen on air across London 104.4FM, online otherwise.
Follow more of our Free Lab Radio listening on www.freelabradio.blogspot.com

Podcast and playlist: Hello GoodBye – 14.06.14 – Ft: The Fish Police, Lucy Claire + Literary Kitchen

The Fish Police
Lucy Claire
literary Kitchen (Andrea Mason)

The Fish Police and Lucy Claire perform live in session and Andrea Mason discusses the Literary Kitchen Festival on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye on Saturday 14th June 2014.

The Fish Police – Coco Butter (LIVE SESSION)
The Fish Police – Chicken Nuggets For Me (LIVE SESSION)
The Fish Police – Fish Water (LIVE SESSION)
The Fish Police – Japanese Girl (LIVE SESSION)
ESG – Erase You
The Fish Police – ‘interview’
Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove
Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra – UFO
Flame Proof Moth – Jools Holland (Hello GoodBye Archive 06.04.13)
Literary Kitchen (Andrea Mason) – ‘interview’
Gerald Adams And The Variety Singers – After The Ball Is Over (1929)
Ichi – Go Gagambo
Olga Bell – Kamchatka
Lucy Claire – Fantasia On Mildew (LIVE SESSION)
Lucy Claire – Stille (LIVE SESSION)
Lucy Claire – Paelistin (LIVE SESSION)
Lucy Claire – ‘interview’

Presented by deXter Bentley
Live sound engineering: Tom Kemp and Lisa Geurts assisted by Beth Rogers

Free Lab Radio – Sleeve Notes

This show’s all about the sleeve notes, in the age of the mp3 that comes
without a real gift that can be touched and physically enjoyed, we play
tracks from CDs and delve into the sleeves. Featured are Jerome Bourdellon, album Trajet Solo, track: Papaoel. Sudori -the album by Pino Minafra, track Trib-Bal.  Plus author /musician Kirk Lake, the album The Black Lights, two
tracks Clarke Vs Tyson and “Finish your drink so I can get your glass
to the wall there’s something more interesting happening next door
Plus ‘Kymatik’ with their album Dars Al Sulh, Dentists for Mice. Boogie Balagan, with Mojo Lady 75 and Dalida Blooz (the Baboosh Remix). The CD by Flame Proof Moth (previously The Boycott CocaCola Experience) Album: Women Should be in Charge; Retail Opera and Gas. Kate Bush with Ariel from the double album, called Ariel. Secret Archives of the Vatican, with the track Isa Al Hamid. Lastly Salif Keita, with his track Nou Pas Bouger, meaning Don’t move us.

Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 24.05.14 – Ft: Ed Laurie + Raf and O

Raf and O
Ed Laurie

Live music on The Hello GoodBye Show today with: Raf and O + Ed Laurie.

St. Just Vigilantes – Panzer Vs. Arrow
Ed Laurie – Wildflowers (LIVE SESSION)
Ed Laurie – Albert (LIVE SESSION)
Ed Laurie – Thin Line (LIVE SESSION)
Ed Laurie and Straw Dog – Forever’s Untrue
Ed Laurie (& Paul Wassif)- ‘interview’
Dog Chocolate – Tell Too Much
Phobophobes – No Flavour
Mamman Sani – Zara Zarakoy
Orchestra du Mont Plaisant – Bull
Bunty – What We Are Here For
Spaceheads Dirty Planet
Raf and O – You Made Me (LIVE SESSION)
Raf and O – Saturated Dreams (LIVE SESSION)
Raf and O – Lady Grinning Soul (LIVE SESSION)
Raf and O – The Fog (LIVE SESSION)
ESG – Watching
Raf and O – ‘interview’

Presented by: deXter Bentley
Live sound engineers: Lisa Geurts + Tom Kemp

Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 10.05.14 – Ft: The Melodic, Yo Zushi + Wildflowers

The Melodic
Yo Zushi
Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye featuring live music The Melodic, Yo Zushi + Wildflowers.

The Melodic – Come Outside (LIVE SESSION)
The Melodic – Hold On (LIVE SESSION)
The Melodic – It Don’t Take Long (LIVE SESSION)
The Melodic – On My Way (LIVE SESSION)
The Melodic – ‘interview’ (conducted by Dan Frost)
Yo Zushi – Send Your Love To Me (LIVE SESSION)
Yo Zushi – First Love (LIVE SESSION)
Yo Zushi – Bye Bye Blackbird (LIVE SESSION)
Raf and O – Mad And Brilliant
Dominique Golden – 10 Women On A Raft
Wreckless Eric – 33’s and 45’s (Hello GoodBye live session archive – 20.11.04)
Wreckless Eric – Just For You
Las Kellies – Boy, Sweet Boy
Joey Fourr – Boyz II Girlz
The Comet Is Coming – Neon Baby / Lady Neptune – Theme Song + I Dunno (ACCIDENTLY PLAYED OVER THE TOP OF EACH OTHER)
Yo Zushi – ‘interview’
Wildflowers – Let It Go (LIVE SESSION)
Wildflowers – Tell Them I’m Your Woman (LIVE SESSION)
Wildflowers – Nobody Loves My Baby (LIVE SESSION)
Wildflowers – ‘interview’

Presented by: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live sound engineer: Lisa Geurts assisted by Beth Rogers

Six Pillars – Single Motherhood / Towards The Possible Film

Artist Brian Zegeer

This week we hear from our Iranian contingent I Ran Into Iran on the social politics of single motherhood in Iran, and an interview with artist Shezad Dawood at Art Dubai 2014 on the eve of his screening Towards the Possible Film. Plus we go out with a track by Scotland-based jazz explorers GOL from their new album ‘Strange Times‘.

Maryam Abolfazli is an international development and online media professional based in Washington DC, exploring and researching ideas of single motherhood both in Iran and US at 34. For the I Ran Into Iran Episode 7 our duo quiz her on her work and research into single parenting. Abolfazli makes the distinction between single motherhood as a choice option for those in the developed and ‘undeveloped’ world and connects the pressures with everything from fighting a fight with the help of a support and possible drug addiction without.

Towards the Possible Film - Shezad Dawood

Towards the Possible Film – Shezad Dawood

Shezad Dawood’s film screens April 3rd at Parasol Unit Gallery, London as a preview to the solo exhibition of work at Parasol 4 April to 25 May 2014. As part of the new Art Dubai section Film, he staged a Q&A after the screening and stopped by our booth at #Falgoosh Radio to discuss themes touched in his film, such as experimental anthropology, everyday aliens and future tribalisms.

An interesting aspect of Dawood’s creative process for this project is that he publicly critiqued and discussed the film before it was made and so turned the traditional film making format around. Broadcasts across London on 104.4FM or online, Thurs 19:30, Sun 06.30 GMT.

Six Pillars to Persia” is a focus on Middle Eastern, and wider arts and culture on air and online on arts-music station Resonance104.4FM.

Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 03.05.14 – Ft: Lady Neptune, s>c>r>a>p>s, Joey Fourr + Don’t Argue

Joey Fourr
Lady Neptune

Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye Show with live session performances from: Lady Neptune,
s>c>r>a>p>s, Joey Fourr + Don’t Argue.

Lady Neptune – Home (LIVE SESSION)
Lady Neptune – I Dunno (LIVE SESSION)
Lady Neptune – Heart Horizon (LIVE SESSION)
Lady Neptune – Words (LIVE SESSION)
Lady Neptune – ‘interview’
s>c>r>a>p>s – Electric Ocean (LIVE SESSION)
s>c>r>a>p>s – Saphire Plaza (LIVE SESSION)
s>c>r>a>p>s – 1982 (LIVE SESSION)
Don’t Argue – ‘interview’
Don’t Argue – Mirror Song (LIVE SESSION)
s>c>r>a>p>s – ‘interview’
Joey Fourr – Cross Dresser (LIVE SESSION)
Joey Fourr – Micky (LIVE SESSION)
Joey Fourr – Yogi 4 Eva (LIVE SESSION)
Joey Fourr – Boyz II Girlz (LIVE SESSION)
J. Temperance – Grays Sports Almanac
The Rude Mechanicals – Time Traveller
Joey Fourr – ‘interview’
The Melodic – Plunge
Yo Zushi – Bye Bye Blackbird
Wildflowers – Let It Go
Keel Her – Go

Presented by: deXter Bentley
Live Sound Engineers: Lisa Geurts and Tom Kemp assisted by Beth Rogers

Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 26.04.14 – Ft: Acrobat + Don’t Argue

Don't Argue
Live music on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye, featuring; free-wheeling, colloquial blue-eyed-soul from Acrobat and post-industrial, Euro-synth-pop from Don’t Argue.

Benjamin Shaw – Break The Kettles and Sink the Boats
Acrobat – The Fugitive (LIVE SESSION)
Acrobat – Commuter (LIVE SESSION)
Acrobat – Invincible (LIVE SESSION)
Sabina – Toujours
Acrobat – ‘interview’
Lady Neptune – Get Out Of Here
Scraps – Lonely Motorbike
Joey Fourr – Soak It Up
Hamilton Yarns – Bum Bum / Diggers
Rachael Dadd – Make A Sentence
Wildflowers – At The Edge Of The Road (Hello GoodBye session archive)
Shopping – Hard As Nails (Hello GoodBye session archive)
Doctor Peabody – Banker Pubs
Witching Waves – Concrete
Art Trip And The Static Sound – Hex
Frau – High Heels
Yo Zushi – Careless Love
Don’t Argue – Icicles (LIVE SESSION)

Presented by: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live sound engineer: Lisa Geurts assisted by Beth Rogers

Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 19.04.14 – Ft: Kirsten Knick, CRX091081GB + Witching Waves

Kirsten Knick
Witching Waves

Hello GoodBye featuring Twin Peaks’ish atmospheric pop from Kirsten Knick, pastoral acid from CRX091081GB and garage punk from Witching Waves.

Kirsten Knick – Annie (LIVE SESSION)
Kirsten Knick – River (LIVE SESSION)
Kirsten Knick – Gates Of Time (LIVE SESSION)
Kirsten Knick – Leave Me Alone (LIVE SESSION)
Kirsten Knick – ‘interview’
Don’t Argue – Mirror Song
Acrobat – Travelling Ferry
CRX091081GB – Lying In The Gutter (LIVE SESSION)
CRX091081GB – Witches Of The Black Mountain (LIVE SESSION)
CRX091081GB – Guilty Pleasure (LIVE SESSION)
Sleaford Mods – Teacher Faces Porn Charges (Hello GoodBye Archive)
The Homosexuals – Don’t Cut My Hair
CRX091081GB – ‘interview’
Witching Waves – Barber (LIVE SESSION)
Witching Waves – Cold Out (LIVE SESSION)
Witching Waves – Can’t Tell Me Nothing (LIVE SESSION)
Witching Waves – Concrete (LIVE SESSION)
Piper’s Son – Mining
Witching Waves – ‘interview’
Sabatta – I Don’t Exist

Presenters: deXter Bentley and Dan Frost
Live sound engineer: Tom Kemp