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Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 03.05.14 – Ft: Lady Neptune, s>c>r>a>p>s, Joey Fourr + Don’t Argue

Joey Fourr
Lady Neptune

Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye Show with live session performances from: Lady Neptune,
s>c>r>a>p>s, Joey Fourr + Don’t Argue.

Lady Neptune – Home (LIVE SESSION)
Lady Neptune – I Dunno (LIVE SESSION)
Lady Neptune – Heart Horizon (LIVE SESSION)
Lady Neptune – Words (LIVE SESSION)
Lady Neptune – ‘interview’
s>c>r>a>p>s – Electric Ocean (LIVE SESSION)
s>c>r>a>p>s – Saphire Plaza (LIVE SESSION)
s>c>r>a>p>s – 1982 (LIVE SESSION)
Don’t Argue – ‘interview’
Don’t Argue – Mirror Song (LIVE SESSION)
s>c>r>a>p>s – ‘interview’
Joey Fourr – Cross Dresser (LIVE SESSION)
Joey Fourr – Micky (LIVE SESSION)
Joey Fourr – Yogi 4 Eva (LIVE SESSION)
Joey Fourr – Boyz II Girlz (LIVE SESSION)
J. Temperance – Grays Sports Almanac
The Rude Mechanicals – Time Traveller
Joey Fourr – ‘interview’
The Melodic – Plunge
Yo Zushi – Bye Bye Blackbird
Wildflowers – Let It Go
Keel Her – Go

Presented by: deXter Bentley
Live Sound Engineers: Lisa Geurts and Tom Kemp assisted by Beth Rogers

Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 26.04.14 – Ft: Acrobat + Don’t Argue

Don't Argue
Live music on Resonance FM‘s Hello GoodBye, featuring; free-wheeling, colloquial blue-eyed-soul from Acrobat and post-industrial, Euro-synth-pop from Don’t Argue.

Benjamin Shaw – Break The Kettles and Sink the Boats
Acrobat – The Fugitive (LIVE SESSION)
Acrobat – Commuter (LIVE SESSION)
Acrobat – Invincible (LIVE SESSION)
Sabina – Toujours
Acrobat – ‘interview’
Lady Neptune – Get Out Of Here
Scraps – Lonely Motorbike
Joey Fourr – Soak It Up
Hamilton Yarns – Bum Bum / Diggers
Rachael Dadd – Make A Sentence
Wildflowers – At The Edge Of The Road (Hello GoodBye session archive)
Shopping – Hard As Nails (Hello GoodBye session archive)
Doctor Peabody – Banker Pubs
Witching Waves – Concrete
Art Trip And The Static Sound – Hex
Frau – High Heels
Yo Zushi – Careless Love
Don’t Argue – Icicles (LIVE SESSION)

Presented by: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live sound engineer: Lisa Geurts assisted by Beth Rogers