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Listen again: Hello GoodBye – 19.04.14 – Ft: Kirsten Knick, CRX091081GB + Witching Waves

Kirsten Knick
Witching Waves

Hello GoodBye featuring Twin Peaks’ish atmospheric pop from Kirsten Knick, pastoral acid from CRX091081GB and garage punk from Witching Waves.

Kirsten Knick – Annie (LIVE SESSION)
Kirsten Knick – River (LIVE SESSION)
Kirsten Knick – Gates Of Time (LIVE SESSION)
Kirsten Knick – Leave Me Alone (LIVE SESSION)
Kirsten Knick – ‘interview’
Don’t Argue – Mirror Song
Acrobat – Travelling Ferry
CRX091081GB – Lying In The Gutter (LIVE SESSION)
CRX091081GB – Witches Of The Black Mountain (LIVE SESSION)
CRX091081GB – Guilty Pleasure (LIVE SESSION)
Sleaford Mods – Teacher Faces Porn Charges (Hello GoodBye Archive)
The Homosexuals – Don’t Cut My Hair
CRX091081GB – ‘interview’
Witching Waves – Barber (LIVE SESSION)
Witching Waves – Cold Out (LIVE SESSION)
Witching Waves – Can’t Tell Me Nothing (LIVE SESSION)
Witching Waves – Concrete (LIVE SESSION)
Piper’s Son – Mining
Witching Waves – ‘interview’
Sabatta – I Don’t Exist

Presenters: deXter Bentley and Dan Frost
Live sound engineer: Tom Kemp