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Hello GoodBye – 23.11.13 – Ft: Sebastian Melmoth, Stereocilia and Madame Pamita

Sebastian Melmoth
Madame Pamita

Sebastian Melmoth, Stereocilia and Madame Pamita all contribute LIVE music to Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime on Resonance FM from noon until 1.30pm (GMT)

Listen again: HERE

Sebastian Melmoth – Cellophane (LIVE SESSION)
Sebastian Melmoth – Sunshine Blues (LIVE SESSION)
Sebastian Melmoth – Catching Up With Morrison (LIVE SESSION)
Sebastian Melmoth – Kings Cross Delta Blues (LIVE SESSION)
Civil Civic – Sky Delay (HG archive)
Sebastian Melmoth – ‘Interview’
Teeth Of The Sea – Reaper
Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences – The Precautionary Principal
Giant Burger – Blobbenstein
Tristan Burfield – Dance of Death
Stereocilia – ‘Untitled’ (LIVE SESSION)
Stereocilia – ‘Interview’
The Cold Spells – Deep Water Blackout (accidently announced on-air as ‘aes eht yb nwod’)
The Monochrome Set – Super Plastic City
Madame Pamita – Cocaine Habit Blues (LIVE SESSION)
Madame Pamita – Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (LIVE SESSION)
Madame Pamita – ‘Interview’

Presenters: deXter Bentley and Lisa Geurts
Live sound engineers: Mike Channon assisted by Lisa Geurts

Free Lab Radio – Republika

Free Lab Radio – Republika by Fari

New releases including E.M.M.A, The Cutler, Shugmonkey, Mind Enterprises, tracks from France, Serbia, Hackney, tracks for summer by the man we’re calling a “solarr-vocalist”, and a shout out to Republika Festival, from which we play the track by X-Coast. And somewhere in the middle the Alva T Stanford Middle School Chorus kids sing ‘Chinatown’ with a suitably plinky-plonky piano. Free Lab Radio broadcasts Saturday 11-midnight, repeats Wed 2.30am.

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Polish Deli 30 6 2013 ‘Sounding the Body Electric’ special, part 2

Continuing from previous week, in this episode we also talk about the ‘Sounding the Body Electric’ exhibition at Calvert22 gallery, London.

This time we also get to hear more sounds and interview with Daniel Muzyczuk (in Polish).

calvert 22

Free Lab Radio – Haroon Mirza /o/o/o/o/

Free Lab Radio – Haroon Mirza Remixes by Fari

Sounds disseminated by artist Haroon Mirza for his exhibition ‘/o/o/o/o/’ at Lisson Gallery, London and a release by Vinyl Factory on limited edition vinyl. We listen to the remixes from o-o-o-o, a project in conjunction with Haroon Mirza’s exhibition and which involves working with his source sounds, plus an interview with Mirza on details of the show.
For this project tracks by Factory Floor and Jellyman were issued, one black and one white, to compliment the exhibition.

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Six Pillars to Persia – Alinah Azadeh’s The Shape of Things

Uk-based Iranian artist Alinah Azadeh discusses her massive installation ‘The Gifts’ at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery, 2010 and how the process of binding in the work helped her when after losing her mother to the Asian Tsunami of 2004. This is our second interview with Azadeh who was commissioned to fill the Royal Festival Hall ballroom, Southbank with a large installation called The Bibliomancer’s Dream. New work by Azadeh will be on show during a Six Pillars exhibition at Hundred Years Gallery, London May 31st-June 16th more info on www.sixpillars.org For culture news and signposts, follow us on our mailing list or on Facebook www.facebook.com/SixPillarsToPersia

Six Pillars to Persia – Artist Koushna Navabi

Artist Koushna Navabi speaks at the opening of her solo show for Xerxes art gallery, London. Mediums and materials used ranged from cloth, to embroidery to paint to even a glove and topics range from Iranian past leaders to the chemical components of oil.
Recorded March 09 with Fari Bradley for Six Pillars to Persia, a weekly radio Middle East Arts and Culture show on UK’s art-music radio station Resonance104.4FM.
Navabi is taking part in a group show with Six Pillars in London, June 2013, for more details see the links below.
Broadcasting Friday 19.30-20hrs repeating Wed 13.30-14hrs www.sixpillars.org
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Six Pillars – I Call My Brothers, Terror in Sweden

Broadcast April 26th 2013, an interview with play-write Jonas Hassen Khemiri and actors Davood Tafvizian who plays the lead character Amour, Pablo Leiva Wenger who plays his best friend Shavi, and Angelica Radvoldt who plays Amour’s friend and love interest. We discuss cultural tension in Sweden, the content and creation of the play.
Middle Eastern Arts and Culture. Weekly on Friday evenings at 7.30-8pm, repeated Wednesdays 1.30-2pm GMT

Six Pillars – Norouz at the National Portrait Gallery

March 2012 Six Pillars organised an event at the National Portrait Gallery London.
Audio here from the discussion on the origins of Persian New Year, which always falls at the Spring Equinox by Dr. Khodadad Rezakani, recorded at the NPG, plus an intro from rappers Reveal and Hitchkas at the Norooz No War event.