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Polish Deli 30 6 2013 ‘Sounding the Body Electric’ special, part 2

Continuing from previous week, in this episode we also talk about the ‘Sounding the Body Electric’ exhibition at Calvert22 gallery, London.

This time we also get to hear more sounds and interview with Daniel Muzyczuk (in Polish).

calvert 22

Polish Deli 16 06 2013-2nd anniversary special feat. Adrian Magrys & Mateusz Surma

This week it’s Polish Deli’s second birthday. To celebrate this occasion Kacper Ziemianin is joined in the studio by Adrian Magrys and Mateusz Surma, the two pillars of Lanquidity Recors (http://lanquidityrecords.com/). We talk about their label, LOBO collective and Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland festival, which they are also involved in…
All this and a lot of great (not only) Polish music.

Polish Deli 14 10 2012 featuring Martyna Poznanska

In this episode of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemiani talks to Martyna Poznanska, a sound artist from Poland.

We discuss Martyna’s music, Polish music scene, Martyna’s recent works and plans for future, field recordings etc…

Language: English

To listen to Martyn’s music go to: