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Polish Deli 13.10.2013 Feat. Robert Piotrowicz p.2

This is the long awaited and anticipated interview with Robert Piotrowicz, a sound artist, musician and composer from Poland. We finally had a chance to meet and talk in the studio because of his gig at the first edition of Unsound Festival London 2013. We talk about his musical journey two latest releases from 2013 (available here) , his methods of working and other interesting things. We also  get to listen to some of Robert’s music and his favorite Polish composer.
This is the second part of this interview.

Language: English
To find out more about Robert go to: http://www.robertpiotrowicz.net/news.html

Polish Deli 16 06 2013-2nd anniversary special feat. Adrian Magrys & Mateusz Surma

This week it’s Polish Deli’s second birthday. To celebrate this occasion Kacper Ziemianin is joined in the studio by Adrian Magrys and Mateusz Surma, the two pillars of Lanquidity Recors (http://lanquidityrecords.com/). We talk about their label, LOBO collective and Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland festival, which they are also involved in…
All this and a lot of great (not only) Polish music.

Polish Deli 28 10 2012 feat. Lukasz Szalankiewisz a.k.a. Zenial pt2

In this episode of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemianin talks to Lukasz Szalankiewicz, one of the most interesting and active sound artist and electronic musician from Poland. We can also listen to some of Zenial’s music.
This is second part of the interview.
Language: Polish
website: http://www.zenial.audiotong.net/index.php

Polish Deli 14 10 2012 featuring Martyna Poznanska

In this episode of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemiani talks to Martyna Poznanska, a sound artist from Poland.

We discuss Martyna’s music, Polish music scene, Martyna’s recent works and plans for future, field recordings etc…

Language: English

To listen to Martyn’s music go to:



Polish Deli 6 11 2011

This week at the best Polish Deli in London we get a delicious mixture of Polish new folk, jazz, and experimental music by artists involved in Lifem Festival in London (Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa), Audio Art Festival in Krakow (Zenial) and Festival of Jazz and Experimental music from Poland taking place in London (Oles Duo, Piotr Kurek).

Language: English

Polish Deli 16 10 2011

Music from AudioTong (http://www.audiotong.net/) and it’s sister – MATHka label.

Polish cultural news and events in London and Poland. Interview with Piotr Sikora – curator of ‘They don’t know why, but they keep doing it’ exhibition.

Language: Polish

Polish Deli 9 10 2011 European Culture Congress part 4

Last episode of Polish Deli dedicated to the European Culture COngress, which took place in Wroclaw in September 2011. This time we can listen to conversation with Krzysztof Topolskim, a.k.a. Arszyn, an audio artist presenting Vancuver Soundscape at Sound Cinema. Based on this interview a little audio experiment occurs next. Finally we can listen to extracts of ‘Symfonia II’ by Piotr Czerny and get updated with current Polish cultural events.

Language: Polish

Polish Deli – European Culture Congress raport

These episodes of Polish Deli are dedicated to quite an extraordinary event that took place in Wroclaw in September 2011.

With names such as Krzysztof Penderecki, Jonny Greenwood, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno etc. it was bound to be a success…

But apart from big names, there was a lot of interesting and almost underground stuff going on.

Kacper Ziemianin takes us for a journey to this event, with recordings, interviews and sound files from different events of the congress.

Focusing mainly on music and sound art side of the congress we can listen to Krzysztof Penderecki in concert with Jonny Greenwood and Aphex Twin, ‘Sound Cinema’  project and ‘Sound Education and Social Change’.

Big thanks to Institute of Polish Culture in London for organizing this trip!

To find out more about the congress go to: http://www.culturecongress.eu/en/


Language English/Polish

Polish Deli with Zgas


This time on Polish Deli we can listen to an interview with Zgas, one of the finest beatboxers from Poland. He collaborated with a lot of artists and performed all over Europe, he has won a number of beatbox battles and awards.

We talk about beatboxing scene, the beginnings and plans of Zgas.

Also we can listen to what sounds he is able to produce using only his mouth.

More on http://zgas.pl/

Language: Polish