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Polish Deli 13.10.2013 Feat. Robert Piotrowicz p.2

This is the long awaited and anticipated interview with Robert Piotrowicz, a sound artist, musician and composer from Poland. We finally had a chance to meet and talk in the studio because of his gig at the first edition of Unsound Festival London 2013. We talk about his musical journey two latest releases from 2013 (available here) , his methods of working and other interesting things. We also  get to listen to some of Robert’s music and his favorite Polish composer.
This is the second part of this interview.

Language: English
To find out more about Robert go to: http://www.robertpiotrowicz.net/news.html

Polish Deli 28 10 2012 feat. Lukasz Szalankiewisz a.k.a. Zenial pt2

In this episode of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemianin talks to Lukasz Szalankiewicz, one of the most interesting and active sound artist and electronic musician from Poland. We can also listen to some of Zenial’s music.
This is second part of the interview.
Language: Polish
website: http://www.zenial.audiotong.net/index.php

Polish Deli 14 10 2012 featuring Martyna Poznanska

In this episode of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemiani talks to Martyna Poznanska, a sound artist from Poland.

We discuss Martyna’s music, Polish music scene, Martyna’s recent works and plans for future, field recordings etc…

Language: English

To listen to Martyn’s music go to: