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Hello GoodBye – 23.11.13 – Ft: Sebastian Melmoth, Stereocilia and Madame Pamita

Sebastian Melmoth
Madame Pamita

Sebastian Melmoth, Stereocilia and Madame Pamita all contribute LIVE music to Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime on Resonance FM from noon until 1.30pm (GMT)

Listen again: HERE

Sebastian Melmoth – Cellophane (LIVE SESSION)
Sebastian Melmoth – Sunshine Blues (LIVE SESSION)
Sebastian Melmoth – Catching Up With Morrison (LIVE SESSION)
Sebastian Melmoth – Kings Cross Delta Blues (LIVE SESSION)
Civil Civic – Sky Delay (HG archive)
Sebastian Melmoth – ‘Interview’
Teeth Of The Sea – Reaper
Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences – The Precautionary Principal
Giant Burger – Blobbenstein
Tristan Burfield – Dance of Death
Stereocilia – ‘Untitled’ (LIVE SESSION)
Stereocilia – ‘Interview’
The Cold Spells – Deep Water Blackout (accidently announced on-air as ‘aes eht yb nwod’)
The Monochrome Set – Super Plastic City
Madame Pamita – Cocaine Habit Blues (LIVE SESSION)
Madame Pamita – Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (LIVE SESSION)
Madame Pamita – ‘Interview’

Presenters: deXter Bentley and Lisa Geurts
Live sound engineers: Mike Channon assisted by Lisa Geurts