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Hello GoodBye – 23.03.13 – Ft: Vic Godard and the Subway Sect + Joseph Coward

Guest co-presenter Victoria Yeulet talks with the original Punk Rock maverick Vic Godard.

Listen to Vic Godard performing live in session on Hello GoodBye this afternoon alongside the emerging talents of Joseph Coward.

Forged in the white heat furnace of 1976, Vic Godard & the Subway Sect favoured a motorik, garage sound, with a distinct melodic sensibility, that soon helped to set them apart from their contemporaries The Clash and Sex Pistols. With his refusal to be restricted by the limitations of the Punk palette, Vic soon found himself experimenting with Pop, Jazz, Swing and Motown beats. Over the intervening decades Vic has maintained his mercurial ability and has recently been working closely with Edwyn Collins as producer.
The current band line-up is; Vic Godard – vocals & guitar, Kevin Younger – keyboards & guitar, Mark Braby – bass, guitar or drums plus Yusuf B’Layachi – bass.

Joseph Coward’s music is characterised by his heartfelt baritone voice, multi-layered guitars and high-octane
electronic based rhythms, his new hand-packaged, limited edition 7” vinyl single ‘Children’s Bones’ is currently available on the Blank Editions imprint.

Paper Dollhouse – William
Vic Godard and the Subway Sect – Takeover (LIVE SESSION)
Vic Godard and the Subway Sect – Out of Touch (LIVE SESSION)
Vic Godard and the Subway Sect – Out of our Zone (LIVE SESSION)
Vic Godard and the Subway Sect – Better not turn on (LIVE SESSION)
Wire – Lowdown
Vic Godard – ‘interview’ with Victoria Yeulet
The Sexual Objects – Here come the rubber cops
Lies Innit – Real Casinoes
Joanne Robertson – Halls
Haiku Salut – Leaf Stricken
Leafcutter John – Lesson
Joseph Coward – Baby Hughes (LIVE SESSION)
Joseph Coward – The end of the world is coming (LIVE SESSION)
Joseph Coward – Sarah plain and tall (LIVE SESSION)
Joseph Coward – The emperor of America (LIVE SESSION)
Diva – Jazzy Cats
Joseph Coward – ‘interview’
Happy Hooves – Bark
Lime Headed Dog – Excited

Presented by: deXter Bentley, Victoria Yeulet & Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin & Joe Oldfield

Hello GoodBye (curated by Victoria Yeulet) – 26.01.13 – ft: The Raincoats + Tom Paley

Victoria Yeulet curates Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime, with live guests – and living legends – The Raincoats & Tom Paley.

Victoria Yeulet is a musician, music historian and film maker living in London. She has performed in The Television Personalities (Domino Records), Congregation (Bronzerat), and her latest band Sisters an all female Gospel group. She has recently had a chapter about Women in old-time and country music published in the ?Women make Noise? book on Supernova Press.

She will be playing music from various genres from 1920s-70s focused on her research interest of the history of women in western music and will be chatting to musical guests The Raincoats and Tom Paley.

Sugar Pie DeSanto – Down in the basement
Sparkle Moore – Killer
Ruby Glaze – Lonesome day blues
The Raincoats – I keep walking (LIVE SESSION)
The Raincoats – Feminist Song (LIVE SESSION)
Yoko Ono – What did I do?
The Raincoats – ’interview’
P.J. Harvey – Little Fish Big Fish
The Raincoats – Shouting out loud (LIVE SESSION)
The Raincoats – No looking (LIVE SESSION)
She – Like a snake
Tarheel Slim & Little Anna – Can’t stay away from you
Betty Bibbs – Pounds of soul
Barbara Dane & Lightnin’ Hopkins – Baby shake that thing
Texas Gladden – The three babes
Kilby Snow – No tears in heaven
Berzilla Wallin – Love has brought me to despair
Tom Paley – Green grow the lilacs (LIVE SESSION)
Tom Paley – The devil and the farmer’s wife (LIVE SESSION)
Tom Paley – Shove the pig’s foot a little further in the fire (LIVE SESSION)
Tom Paley – Prettiest girl in the county (LIVE SESSION)
Tom Paley – ‘interview’

Presenters: Victoria Yeulet & deXter Bentley
Live sound engineer: Kacper Ziemianin

Hello GoodBye – 15.12.12 – Unit, Keeley Forsyth, Victoria Yeulet and Sisters

This final episode of Hello GoodBye for 2012 promises be a big bumper box of treats!

Featuring live music from: Unit, Keeley Forsyth & Sisters.

Also, author Victoria Yeulet joins us in the studio to read an extract from ‘Women Make Noise’, a new book that documents the role of women within contemporary music.

UNIT have been in existence since 2000, irritating and annoying everyone with their curiously mutated pop songs and avant gardening. Until 2011 the group consisted primarily of Chinese teenagers plus a token white man as a sop to ensure ethnic diversity. In November 2012 we completed our 24th album which is due out before December 31st. Our group is now so ridiculously eccentric and off the wall that even we can’t be sure who’s in it now. As far as I am aware, I think I’m still a member but that may be just a malicious rumour.
Unit singer Andy Martin’s books – A History Progressive Rock – Chinese Cinema 1905-2005 – Faded Fragments Of Distant Dreams (an autobiographical account of my 4 years in Alton Secondary School) are also available from their website.

Keeley Foryth is an actor, singer, performer and keen collaborator working with artists and film makers on live projects and experimental performances in galleries, museums, old biscuit factories. ‘The Scuttler’ is a character born out of a workshop with art duo boyleANDshaw in 2009 whilst investigating a one act play ‘I Rise In Flames Cried The Phoenix’ based around the last hours of DH Lawrence’s life. ‘The Scuttler’ became an extension of the character Brett or Bertha in the play and has been a way to develop a sound that connects her rural Lancashire roots, folk tales, domestic noise, digital murmurs and vibrations. Keeley Forsyth’s forthcoming album is entitled The Scuttler.

Sisters are a new all female ensemble featuring Sylvia Saunders, Astrud Steerhouder (The Rayographs / Paper Dollhouse) and Victoria Yeulet.

Kitchen Winos – Horsethief
Unit – For Nick Wong (LIVE SESSION)
Unit – Innocence (LIVE SESSION)
Unit – In a sense (LIVE SESSION)
Unit – Tolerance is a mask for apathy (LIVE SESSION)
The Clash – Career Opportunities
Unit – ‘interview’
Jude Cowan & Wim Oudijk – Russian Ice Swimming
Roba Stanley – Single Life
Victoria Yeulet – Women Make Noise (extract) (LIVE READING)
The Carter Family – My Clinch Mountain Home
Keeley Forsyth – Time heals everything (LIVE SESSION)
Keeley Forsyth – Then they came a time (LIVE SESSION)
Keeley Forsyth – Trouble in my heart (LIVE SESSION)
Keeley Forsyth – When will I see you again? (LIVE SESSION)
Keeley Forsyth – ‘interview’
Art Trip & the Static Sound – Darlin’
Piper’s Son – Mining
Sisters – I’m going to that city (LIVE SESSION)
Sisters – I want Jesus to walk with me (LIVE SESSION)
Sisters – Living testimony (LIVE SESSION)

Presenters: deXter Bentley, Ean Ravenscroft & Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Tom Kemp & Joe Oldfield