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Polish Deli 10 2 2013

More Polish art and music presented by Kacper Ziemianin.

In this episode:

11 Kinoteka Polish Film Festival

Andrzej Korzynski

Dr Pytor

Konrad Geca

The link seems to be broken so here is the original link if the player doesn’t work:


Polish Deli 3 2 2013

In this episode of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemianin continues to presents music from a unique educational and promotional tool – audiomat ( and invites to 11th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival in UK (

Music by artists from audiomat: Marcin Dymiter, Michal Szostalo, Marek Choloniewski

and by Kinoteka special guest: Andrzej Korzynski



Polish Deli 27 1 2013

Another episode of delicious sounds from Poland (but not only ). This time we get to listen to Pixel Klange sextet (Bettina Wenzel – voice, Hans w. Koch – electronics, Joker Nies – electrononics, field recordings, circuit bending, Gerard Lebik – electronics, Piotr Damasiewicz – trumpet, piano, Wojciech Romanowski – drums) live in Cologne 2012 and Erase Quartet (Micha? Trela-drums, Max Mucha-bass, Jakub Mielcarek-bass, Gerard Lebik-sax).

In second half of the show we are introduced to a unique promotional and educational tool for exploratory music in Krakow: Audiomat ( and some of its content.

AUDIOMAT is an educational and promotional device in a form of a vending machine containing music only. AUDIOMAT presents works of selected artists, especially those living in Krakow or related to Audio Art Festival and the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music. Each “title” is prepared in a limited edition of 10-15 copies and contents of AUDIOMAT are being constantly changed and rotated. Each media bears a biographical note and a set of links, which redirect the listener to more information and examples of each artist’s work. We hope that with the help of AUDIOMAT we can raise wider interest in the works of selected artists and make the audience more familiar with the idea that this kind of creativity can be – despite the common belief – widely and easily available.

Krakow 12 2012

This is how Audiomat looks like

Polish Deli 20 1 2013

Second episode of Polish Deli in 2013 is dedicated to a small record label from Wroclaw; Zopan Records and a person behind it – Gerard Lebik (

Kacper Ziemianin also invites to a special event taking place in Krakow on 24th of January 2013 in Alchemia club, it’s a charity event for homeless people.

Artists taking place in this concert include:

Lori Duncan, Ma?gorzata Haduch, Paulina Owczarek, Tomek Cho?oniewski, Micha? Dymny, Bartosz Ignacy Wrona, Thomas Kolarczyk, Jarek Wyka, Tomek G?uc i Konrad G?ca.
more info about the event at:



Polish Deli 13 01 2013

In the First Episode of Polish Deli in 2013 Kacper Ziemianin tries to connect the passing 2012 with 2013 by the music he plays and to introduce artists he is going to feature in the first months of 2013.
Language: Polish/English
featured artists: Hubert Zemler, Gerard Lebik, Doktor Pytor, Kakofonikt…

Polish Deli 28 10 2012 feat. Lukasz Szalankiewisz a.k.a. Zenial pt2

In this episode of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemianin talks to Lukasz Szalankiewicz, one of the most interesting and active sound artist and electronic musician from Poland. We can also listen to some of Zenial’s music.
This is second part of the interview.
Language: Polish

Polish Deli 21 10 2012 with Lukasz Szalankiewicz a.k.a. Zenial pt.1

In this episode of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemianin talks to Lukasz Szalankiewicz a.k.a. Zenial, one of the most active and interesting sound artist/electronic musicians from Poland. Lukasz is also an art curator and co-funder of AudioTong label. We talk about his beginnings on ‘demo’ scene in Poland in the nineties, his methods of work and the aesthetics of live electronic music performance…

language: Polish

To find out more about Zenial go to:

W tym odcinku Polish Deli Kacper Ziemianin rozmawia z Lukaszem Szalankiewiczem a.k.a. Zenial, jednym z najaktywniejszych i najciekawszych Polskich artystow dzwieku i tworcow muzyki elektronicznej. Zenial jest rowniez kuratorem sztuki i wspolzalozycielem wytworni AudioTong. Mowimy o poczatkach Zeniala na scenie ‘demo’ w latach dziwiedziesiatych, o metodach tworzenia muzyki oraz o estetyce koncertow muzyki elektronicznej…

jezyk: Polski

Polish Deli 14 10 2012 featuring Martyna Poznanska

In this episode of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemiani talks to Martyna Poznanska, a sound artist from Poland.

We discuss Martyna’s music, Polish music scene, Martyna’s recent works and plans for future, field recordings etc…

Language: English

To listen to Martyn’s music go to:


Polish Deli featuring Zbigniew Karkowski (pt. 1 & 2)

In these two episodes of Polish Deli Kacper Ziemianin talks to one of the most interesting Polish composers of contemporary music – Zbigniew Karkowski. Zbigniew has released over 60 albums and has collaborated with the biggest names in the avant-garde music world. He has performed in every corner of the globe and is now touring around Europe. In London he played live at Cafe OTO, promoting his latest release ‘nerve cell_0’, which was a collaboration with Anton Lukaszevice. We are happy to have Zbigniew on Resonance, especially that it is his first appearance on our radio station.

Language: English

for more info go to:

Polish Deli 18 3 2012 with Rafal Mazur

This week at Polish Deli we talk to free improv musician from Poland, Rafal Mazur. Rafal has played bass guitar for many years, focusing on free improvised music in last 12 years. He has performed all over Europe, Asia and other places. Important part of Rafal’s artistic practice is combining Taoism and it’s philosophy with free improvised music. He is currently working on his PHD on this subject. In the program we talk about Rafal’s research, his work, and free improvised scene in Poland. We can also listen to some of his music and a mini improvised live set.

to visit out of date Rafal’s website go to:

language: Polish