Polish Deli 27 1 2013

Another episode of delicious sounds from Poland (but not only ). This time we get to listen to Pixel Klange sextet (Bettina Wenzel – voice, Hans w. Koch – electronics, Joker Nies – electrononics, field recordings, circuit bending, Gerard Lebik – electronics, Piotr Damasiewicz – trumpet, piano, Wojciech Romanowski – drums) live in Cologne 2012 and Erase Quartet (Micha? Trela-drums, Max Mucha-bass, Jakub Mielcarek-bass, Gerard Lebik-sax).

In second half of the show we are introduced to a unique promotional and educational tool for exploratory music in Krakow: Audiomat (http://au.diom.at/pl/) and some of its content.

AUDIOMAT is an educational and promotional device in a form of a vending machine containing music only. AUDIOMAT presents works of selected artists, especially those living in Krakow or related to Audio Art Festival and the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music. Each “title” is prepared in a limited edition of 10-15 copies and contents of AUDIOMAT are being constantly changed and rotated. Each media bears a biographical note and a set of links, which redirect the listener to more information and examples of each artist’s work. We hope that with the help of AUDIOMAT we can raise wider interest in the works of selected artists and make the audience more familiar with the idea that this kind of creativity can be – despite the common belief – widely and easily available.

Krakow 12 2012

This is how Audiomat looks like