Marvin Suicide: 87 – Dr. Snuggles.

Hello. Marvin suicide plays music on the internet, and its free, and its good, and its trendy. Wear the music about you like a really fash pair of shoes and scarf and be the envy of your not-so-fash buddies.

Here is the tracklisting for show 87.

1. Thursday by Databoy78, 5 Days EP:

2. The Blues Of A New Man by June Panic, Horror Vacui:

3. Ransome by The Drastics, Premonition:

4. Yenne by Young Jazz Giants:

5. Bat Bi Hiru Lau by The Ronnie Wibley Orchestra, Numerology Compilation:

6. Old Fashion Morphine by Jolie Holland, Escondida:

So there you have it. Fash for no cash.

Bye bye.