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Hello GoodBye – 07.12.13 – Ft: Mathew Sawyer, Piper’s Son and Sons of Harry Lauder

Sons of Harry Lauder
Piper's Son
Mathew Sawyer
Mathew Sawyer, Piper’s Son and Sons of Harry Lauder perform live on this episode of Hello GoodBye on Resonance FM.


Mathew Sawyer – The Golden Heart (LIVE SESSION)
Mathew Sawyer – New Bird To Be (LIVE SESSION)
Mathew Sawyer – Death Is Like A Dream We’ll Have (LIVE SESSION)
Mathew Sawyer – Feeeeling (LIVE SESSION)
Piney Gir and Correatown – Ghost Of The Year
Mathew Sawyer – ‘Interview’
Sebastian Melmoth – The Incredulity Of Hip Cats On Lysergic Acid
Family Of Cats – Devil Dealin’s Done
Cauldronated – iBossa
Fat White Family – Cream Of The Young
Piper’s Son – Please Don’t Go Backwards (LIVE SESSION)
Piper’s Son – Fuel (LIVE SESSION)
Piper’s Son – Hiding In The Cinema (LIVE SESSION)
Piper’s Son – Doctor At The Door (LIVE SESSION)
Piper’s Son – ‘Interview’
The Wharves – Deepwater Horizon
Giant Burger – Big Meat
The Sons Of Harry Lauder – Thin And Cold (LIVE SESSION)
The Sons Of Harry Lauder – The Pilot Light Is Out (LIVE SESSION)
The Sons Of Harry Lauder – ‘Interview’
Orchestra Of Spheres – Smash Hit #1

Presenters: deXter Bentley and Dan Frost
Live sound engineers: Leanne Bower assisted by Lisa Geurts and Beth Rogers

Hello GoodBye – 12.01.13 – Piper’s Son, Art Trip and the Static Sound + M.R. Dowsing

The first episode of Hello GoodBye for 2013 with;

Piper’s Son who draws on a huge range of elements from the mental jukebox of a compulsive music listener – the vocal playfulness of Robert Wyatt, the compelling simplicity of Bill Callahan, the elastic space of dub, or the deep listening experience of field recordings.

Art Trip & the Static Sound, presenting new tunes from their next release, “EP2.” This expands on their sound palette that now includes rocking out, jamming and ferocious noise.

Plus author M.R. Dowsing reads an extract from his debut novel, The Assassination of Adolf Hitler.

haiku salut – sounds like there;s a packman crunching away on your heart
piper’s son – fuel for the day (LIVE SESSION)
piper’s son – hiding in the cinema (LIVE SESSION)
piper’s son – doctor at the door (LIVE SESSION)
serafina steer – night before mutiny (HG archive)
hungry dog brand – a long way from here
m.r. dowsing – ‘interview’
m.r. dowsing – the assassination of adolf hitler (exctract) (LIVE READING by Ean Ravenscroft)
m.r. dowsing – party time (LIVE SESSION)
pheromoans – relaxed opal demo
art trip and the static sound – into the night (LIVE SESSION)
art trip and the static sound – pressure (LIVE SESSION)
art trip and the static sound – mothercare (LIVE SESSION)
art trip and the static sound – machine gun (LIVE SESSION)
woman’s hour – our love has no rhythm
lost harbours – springs fire
art trip and the static sound – ‘interview’
the 5th runway – bruce’s babes

Presented by: deXter Bentley & Ean Ravenscroft
Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin & Tom Kemp