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Hello GoodBye Show – 13.10.12 – bib, The Bronstein & Llyr Williams

This edition of The Hello GoodBye Show paid tribute to the artist/broadcaster Ferris Blood who died last year from cancer at a tragically young age and this weekend witnesses a number of events that all aim to pay tribute to his life and talent.
Ferris was the co-creator with Llyr Williams of Depressing Comics and also the brains behind the Dear Puppeteer radio show spin-off that was first aired on Resonance FM back in 2010.

Today on Hello GoodBye we feature live music from; bib & The Bronstein.

Depressing Comics co-founder Llyr Williams will also join us in the studio to read and discuss the just published paper back compendium of the comic.

Intellectual boy-band bib have re-formed especially for this event and join us in the studio with their wry, observational electro-pop.
Melinda Bronstein (The Bronsteins) performs bitter / sweet infectious pop.

Hello GoodBye playlist: Sat. 13th Oct. 2012

Mathew Sawyer & the Ghosts – A Good Friend
bib – Victims of Crime (LIVE SESSION)
bib – Jobs on Line (LIVE SESSION)
bib – Cash City (LIVE SESSION)
Polsky – The George Lazenby Banana Plant Bossa-Nova
bib & Llyr Williams – ‘Interview’
Llyr Williams – Unlucky Status (Depressing Comics) (LIVE READING)
Duncan McAfee – Sunflowers (Depressing Comics) (LIVE READING)
The Houses We Made (aka The Sober Project) – Sunflowers
Gary Oakey – Too Hot
Llyr Williams – Work (Depressing Comics) (LIVE READING)
The Houses We Made (aka The Sober Project) – In This House
The Drunk Project (aka The Leonard Cohen) – In / Out
Kostoglotov – I Put Myself Against The Amp And Asked If I Loved You (part 1)
Umez – Rainbow
The Bronstein – Chicken Bones (LIVE SESSION)
The Bronstein – It Wasn’t Me (LIVE SESSION)
The Bronstein – Know Why (LIVE SESSION)
David Tattersall – The Sunshine Hotel
Melinda Bronstein – ‘Interview’
Llyr Williams – Self Abuse (Depressing Comics) (LIVE READING)
Attila The Stockbroker – Prince Harry’s Knob
Lime Headed Dog – Swan

Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin, Tom Kemp & Joe Oldfield

Contact: deXterBentley@hotmail.com

Hello GoodBye Show 15 January 2011 with Smoke Fairies, Tanya Auclair and Ferris Blood

Hello GoodBye kicks off the new year in style with live music from Smoke Fairies and Tanya Auclair and a live telephone interview with Ferris Blood, the creator of Depressing Comics and its spinoff Resonance FM show, Dear Puppeteer.

Full details on the Hello GoodBye website.


Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard – Whistle past the graveyard
Tanya Auclair – Tight little fingers (LIVE SESSION)
Tanya Auclair – Thrum (LIVE SESSION)
Tanya Auclair – Closer (LIVE SESSION)
Alice Gun – Metal spider
Sergeant Buzfuz – Knock knock knock
Dear Puppeteer – Out-take 1
Ferris Blood (Depressing Comics & Dear Puppeteer creator) LIVE telephone interview
Dear Puppeteer – Out-take 2
Hamilton Yarns – Maybe baby
Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Allotment song
Hungry Dog Brand – Allotment plot 13
Smoke Fairies – Erie Lackawanna (LIVE SESSION)
Smoke Fairies – Devil in my mind (LIVE SESSION)
Smoke Fairies – Summer fades (LIVE SESSION)
Smoke Fairies – Hotel room (LIVE SESSION)