Hello GoodBye Show 15 January 2011 with Smoke Fairies, Tanya Auclair and Ferris Blood

Hello GoodBye kicks off the new year in style with live music from Smoke Fairies and Tanya Auclair and a live telephone interview with Ferris Blood, the creator of Depressing Comics and its spinoff Resonance FM show, Dear Puppeteer.

Full details on the Hello GoodBye website.


Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard – Whistle past the graveyard
Tanya Auclair – Tight little fingers (LIVE SESSION)
Tanya Auclair – Thrum (LIVE SESSION)
Tanya Auclair – Closer (LIVE SESSION)
Alice Gun – Metal spider
Sergeant Buzfuz – Knock knock knock
Dear Puppeteer – Out-take 1
Ferris Blood (Depressing Comics & Dear Puppeteer creator) LIVE telephone interview
Dear Puppeteer – Out-take 2
Hamilton Yarns – Maybe baby
Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – Allotment song
Hungry Dog Brand – Allotment plot 13
Smoke Fairies – Erie Lackawanna (LIVE SESSION)
Smoke Fairies – Devil in my mind (LIVE SESSION)
Smoke Fairies – Summer fades (LIVE SESSION)
Smoke Fairies – Hotel room (LIVE SESSION)