Sine of the Times 22/01/2011

Exploring the past, present and future of London’s underground dance music scene with Thomas Lee and Rita Maia.

This week FACT magazine contributor and Local Action Records boss Tom Lea Joins us to share his tips for 2011

**WARNING** One of tonight’s tracks contains strong language!


Krystal Klear – Tried For Your Love (All City)

Gongon & Bad Autopsy – MAG (Well Rounded)

Benjamin Damage – Run And Bounce (Antidote)

Jamie Foxx – Fall For Your Type (Brenmar Remix)

Optimum – Lightyear (Hum and Buzz)

? ? – Eardrums

Zoltan – Always

T. Williams feat Terri Walker – Hearbeat (Mosca Remix) (Local Action)

Damu – Mermaid (Local Action)

E_TCH – Loosing You

XXXY- Ordinary Things (Ten Thousand Yen)

Objekt – The Goose That Got Away (Objekt)

Jera – Another One

Jacques Greene – The Look (LuckyMe)

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