Peppatits: Episode 1

Julia Davies and Jessica Hynes return to Resonance FM for another series of comedy improvisation. Episode 1 of this new series was recorded on the 19th February 2008.

9 thoughts on “Peppatits: Episode 1

  1. mynamesdan

    couldn’t believe what i was hearing. used to that on resonance but this time i started phoning people to see if they could believe it. my girlfriend doesn’t find it funny. that’s usually a good sign.

  2. Max

    that’s not Jessica is it? Its a man’s voice all the way through and sounds nothing like her male voices in previous shows. I’m pretty sure its Kevin Eldon – listen at 37mins in, sounds like him.

  3. Dave Ives

    no one deserves to be punched! Jessica Stevenson…sorry Hynes lol is awesome! Lewisham !!! brup brup lol.

  4. salimfadhley Post author

    Kevin Eldon has recorded shows for Resonance – check back to the earliest weeks of this site for a six-episode spectacular. I know that Jessica Hynes reads this site from time to time – perhaps she can be persuaded to fess up to doing those voices.

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