Panel Borders Vidcast: Looking for Lost Girls

Panel BordersLooking for Lost Girls (video podcast) Audio version broadcast 14/02/08 on Resonance FM

Alex Fitch and Alan MooreYou can download now the video of Alex Fitch’s interview with Alan Moore about his graphic novels Lost Girls and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier and Alan’s depictions of procreation in Swamp Thing and Miracleman.

There are a variety of versions of the video available to download at including 256kb & 64kb streams and downloads as well as the original 256Mb AVI video. For more info and to see jpg screen grabs and an animated gif of the video, please visit the home of this podcast (vodcast / vidcast?) at

Links: Invisible Girls and Phantom Ladies – an article by Alan Moore about the portrayal of women in comics (circa 1983)Alan Moore strips on Scans Daily (perhaps I could have worded that better)Paul Gravett interviews Alan Moore … Alex’s previous interview with Alan part one, part two, part threeExtracts (and a very cool photo) from Alan’s recent interview with Word magazineIndex of Alan Moore interviews available on the webWikipedia page on Lost GirlsTop Shelf productions (publishers of Lost Girls) websiteGosh! Comics website

Comics news… The nominations for this year’s Eagle Awards have started the roll of honour – at the risk of being terribly egotistical, may I suggest me, Alex Fitch in the category of “entrepreneur whose achievements have… increased public awareness (of comics)”? (I know it says “in print”, but then I do publicise the show in [electronic] print)… If we can get Oli Smith’s London Underground Comics video podcasts listed under favourite TV / film (going for the loosest definition of the words), that would be great too.