Marvin Suicide : 148 – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

I chat here, I chat there. I’m just one of those sociable types that loves to interact with people on all levels.

Plus I love to have a good old natter about all the useless rubbish that surrounds your life and pick through all the pointless details of it all.

A tracklisting whether you like it or not:

1. 4×4 by Ikuma, Chips On Speed:

2. Errr (Rough Mix) by Cylob:

3. Avec La Musique ft. Jacobus Maleco by Ghislain Poirier:

4. Mountain *limited information – probably name of track and not artist:

5. Rabbet by Cinemafia, Chaotic Neutral:

6. Television by Catgut, Scarlet Pantaloons:

7. Station by Phil, Release 4:

8. New Fangled Jangler by Loki:

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