Marvin Suicide : 142 – It’s stuck. I can’t budge it.

Echoed footsteps below, the soothing ceaseless hum of a large air-conditioning unit and light but steady rainfall. Oh, and the tippy-tap tap of my keyboard of course. These are the sounds being processed by my brain as I write this. I’m very tired too if that helps to paint your mental picture.

Here is the tracklisting for this weeks edition of marvin suicide. Remember kids, free and legal…

1. Polskie Soki by Bande Tre, Bande Tre EP:

2. Mutilation by Disciples Of Belial:

3. On Leaving by Alan Singley, Audio Bicyclette:

4. Golub by 386 DX:

5. Silence by Dub KULT, Twelfth Silence:

6. Cosmos And Demos by Devendra Banhart:

6. Psilodumputer (Dorothy’s Magic Bag Rock Me Mix) by Psilodump, You Sick Little Monkey:

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