Marvin Suicide : 140 – Baybeh Dawl

A lot of my time is spent walking through commercial buildings and peering down long aluminium shafts. For the most part my mind has some spare capacity whilst doing this, so it tends to wander, and one of the most common subjects my brain occupies itself with is “What the gosh-darn heck is this all about?”. If you have any suggestions in answer to this question then please get in touch at the e-mail address below.

Marvin suicide is a music programme that only plays sounds and noises that have been freely and legally downloaded from the internet. Here is the tracklist for this episode:

1. Gamelons by Illoin:

2. En Karlekslat Som Inte Later by Don Claude, Failed Design:

3. Stunned by Holy Sons, I Want To Live A Peaceful Life:

4. Standing In The Way Of Control by The Gossip, Standing In The Way Of Control:

5. Better Than You by River:

6. Fyrepond by Kiln, Dusker:

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