Marvin Suicide : 133 – Jogger’s nipple

I can’t think of anything to top the previous episodes description, so please refer to that one if you are looking for something to read that is not of a factual nature.

Please find below the tracklisting for this episode along with links to where all the items were found:

1. 1000 Dollars by Autopsy Protocol, Umami:

2. Lloriao by Bacanal Intruder, Modem:

3. Siren by Dave Seagrim, Resolute:

4. The Fifth Wheel by Giraffe, Dusty Windows EP:

5. North Coast by Darren McClure & Lezrod, Data Transfer:

6. . by Tupolev, Tupolev EP:

7. Promptrain by Le Cantin, Canadian Biz:

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