Panel Borders: The art of Glenn Fabry

Glenn Fabry

Alex Fitch interviews artists Glenn Fabry and John McCrea, two very different artists who have worked on comics in Britain and America and have both illustrated strips by writer Garth Ennis. The majority of today’s show is concerned with Glenn’s work from his seminal run on Sláine in 2000AD to his epic run of painted covers for DC comics’ Preacher which are available in a coffee table book.

Towards the end of the show Alex talks to John McCrea about the 60 issues he drew of Ennis’ superhero satire Hitman (and their interview continues next week).
This episode of Panel Borders was first podcast on 13th August 2007… (mp3 format, 18mb)
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Links: Wikipedia pages on Glenn Fabry , John McCrea, Sláine, Preacher and Hitman
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