Marvin Suicide : 126 – Ramping it up

I was particularly embarrassed to learn that my colleague of the show actually used to be a rather well known Super DJ, and wasn’t too pleased when they found out my idea for this episode.

Regrettably we are no longer speaking and I now have to produce the programme on my own. Poor me.

Here is the tracklisting:

1. Mugger by Gunnar:

2. Padded Shoulders Marathon by Dumb Dan:

3. Arponia by Drumlake, Aqua Genic EP:

4. Move Adjunkt by DJ Wrong speed:

5. Me Or Reality by Pat Carey:

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This episode was originally broadcast on the 21st June 2007. Please visit for previous shows and more information. Plus I would love it if you were to send an e-mail to: marvin’AT’ (please replace ‘AT’ with @).