Sine Of The Times 21/05/11

The cutting edge of London’s underground dance music scene with Thomas Lee and Rita Maia. It’s the last show for a while in which the crate-digging duo have the studio to themselves, as the SOTT diary is fairly groaning under the weight of all the talent we’ve got coming in over the next few episodes. Today’s programme contains a few sneak previews of forthcoming attractions as well as our current pick of the tunes blowing up dancefloors near you. Pay close attention…

Fatima – Red Lights
Africa Hitech – Light The Way
Elan – Dry Lemons
Ta-ku Hey Kids
Lv & Joshua Idehn – Northern Line
Sully – Toffee Apple
Mau’lin – Deeper Than The Sun
SBTRKT (ft. Sampha)-Living Like I Do
Circle Traps – Mirrors & Monuments
Milyoo – Kazaduno
Two Inch Punch – Luv U up
Spectr – Dance 4 U (Forthcoming Kicks & Snares)
Blawan- Getting Me Down
SCB – Future Unknown
Guy Andrews – 4030
Photek – Rings Arround Saturn (Breach Remix)
Subeena – Space Flow
Take – Juniper (Om Unit Remix)
Zomby (ft. Panda Bear)- Things Fall Appart
My Panda Shall Fly – injury (Throwing Snow Remix)
Sepulcure – Taking You Back

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