Panel Borders: Small Press Soundtracks

Panel Borders: Small Press Soundtracks

Continuing our month of shows about the crossover between music and comics, Alex Fitch talks to the creators of a couple of small press publications which feature music in their stories and contain a soundtrack to listen to while you read the comic.
Writer Sam Gardner and artists Jake Rowlinson and Lee O’Connor talk about Sioux Warrior, a new comic about a mysterious hero who is one part Sitting Bull and one part Phantom of the Opera and while enjoying his adventures, the reader is serenaded by a sound chip built into the publication itself. Alex also chats to Babak Ganjei about his graphic novel Hilarious Consequences, an irreverent but touching autobiographical book in which the author documents his travails in being a singer-songwriter and father while breaking the fourth wall in humorous asides to the reader; the book contains a compilation CD of tracks from Babak’s label, Records Records Records Records…

Sioux Warrior cover and interiors by Sam Gardner, Jake Rowlinson and Lee O Connor / Hilarious Consequences by Babak Ganjei

Sioux Warrior cover and interiors by Sam Gardner, Jake Rowlinson and Lee O Connor / Hilarious Consequences by Babak Ganjei

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