Hello GoodBye Show 21 May 2011: The Mekons and Irmin Schmidt

Post-punk iconoclasts The Mekons join us to perform live in session on Resonance FM this Saturday lunchtime.

With a new album (Ancient & Modern) set for imminent release plus a documentary in the pipeline by filmmaker Jon Angio (Revenge of The Mekons), the collective of artists and musicians that comprise The Mekons are thankfully showing no signs of shipping back to Venus. In 1978 The Mekons’ debut single ‘Never Been In A Riot’, was denied distribution by Rough Trade after they deemed it too lo-fi and scratchy for the common or garden post-punk punter, yet despite this ignominious beginning the group are currently in their 5th decade and still going strong. Tune in to hear their distinct brand of barnstorming, politically charged, country-punk music.

Plus an interview with Irmin Schmidt, ex-keyboard player of CAN who talks about Lost Tapes, the upcoming boxed set of unreleased archive recordings from the Krautrock legends and his own soundtrack recordings.

Track list:
The Mekons – Never Been In A Riot
The Mekons – Beaten And Broken (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Club Mekon (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Abernant 1984/85 (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Hole In The Ground (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Fantastic Voyage (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Dan Dare
The Mekons – Interview
Interview with Irmin Schmidt by Michael Garrad
The Mekons – Corporal Chalkie (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Tina (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Heaven And Back (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Oblivion (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Big Zombie (LIVE SESSION)
Now – Ra
Skinjobs – Money In The Bank Vs. Money In The Pocket
The Mekons – Interview