The Exciting Hellebore Shew: Robot Shew

Dan finds himself made redundant because a robot voice has taken over the Hellebore Shew.

* Introduction: Conflict with a some kind of robotic voice thing, leads to a lamentably shambolic fight in the studio.

* Catch the nail-bomber.

* Kerb Crawling in the 22nd centuary, interrupted with an actual act of wandering around.

* A high-brow link, interupted as the robot thing attempts to eat Dan’s notes as revenge for disconnection. On radio… nobody can hear you cry (except the engineer)

* Untitled Track – “Just a Load of Noise”

* The real Dan Wilson unmasks an imposter.

One thought on “The Exciting Hellebore Shew: Robot Shew

  1. Cristo B

    A stroppy robot AND an android doppelganger in one shew? Are you trying to mess with my brain? And your droppings are a bloody nuisance. Every other tree in Epping Forest has one wedged in it. The rangers have you in their sites, mate. You’ll be done for littering. Think you’re radical? You need help. You’re a candidate for the Turner Prize. Need I say more?
    Great show.

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