Epistaxis Time: Reverse Charges

The host of Epistaxis time presents a horrifying example of bad science; Reverse charges is a thrilling scientific experiment, and a bizzare work of performace art; Potentially our host’s very final work.

Our host’s head is suspended beneath a deadly contraption comprising a brick which will drop the instant a modified phone rings. Perhaps the most suspenseful episode of Epistaxis ever broadcast. Once again, Professor Finkelton proves that he is willing to die for your un-tertainment.

3 thoughts on “Epistaxis Time: Reverse Charges

  1. D. Mazza-Samy


    Can you please, help me to find, on resonance s site , where is the sciece section, or link that can lead me to satellites orbit ( high, coordin. and frequence operation) and their technical issues. I visited once about 2/3 months ago , but now I can not follow the same path.
    thank you so much

    Danilo Mazza writing from Brazil; Rio

    Any think your guys need, please do not hesitate in contac me, I really love your non conformity radio musica and sound
    See you soon.

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