Marvin Suicide: 88 – Good night Seattle, I love you.

All good things come to an end, and all bad things too for that matter. Forgive me if my typing is a bit fragile, its hard to see the letters when my tears fall upon the keyboard. But, a stiff upper lip is needed when the going gets tough, so in time honoured tradition, please find below the tracklisting for marvin suicide show 88.

1. Function by Arcade:

2. Seven Days With Crab David by V/VM, The Green Door:

3. Flailin‘! by Plastic Flesh, Paralaxxing The Grid:

4. Rise by Innaway:

5. Calice by AjaxFree, Insomnya LP:

6. Suka by Yellowboy:

7. Nothing by People Like Us, Nothing Special (with Kenny G):

8. Eskimo by Need New Body, Where’s Black Ben?:

9. Mystery Song. Send an e-mail to if you just have to know.

Goodbye. I’ll never forget you…xxx