Marvin Suicide: 84 – Drunk on booze all week.

Hello, me again. I’m all about the music. I’m hip, I’m trendy and I look really fashionable.

I really enjoyed putting this show together, I think its probably one of the most cool and cutting edge episodes ever compiled. Heres the tracklist for the tunes mate. Word.

1. Flower Gardens by Chad VanGaalen, Skelliconnection:

2. Eggmeat by mr_hopkinson’s computer:

3. Axel F (The SID Is On) by Yuppster, Axel F Compilation:

4. Milking by Deerhoof, Milk Man:

5. Sallsamma Ting by Dorothy’s Magic Bag, The Alice In Wonderland Experience:

6. Christmaslights And Mixtapes by Daniel Andreasson, Nackmyalgi:

7. Somewhere There Is A Girl (Or Boy) by Bobby Baby & Moe Lodin, The Mini Compilation Part II of II:

8. De Frigormficos Y Corales by Coeval, Distante:

PS: Unfortunately this show didn’t make it to air but props out to Steve for sorting things out and making it sweet. Yeah yeah.