Marvin Suicide: 80 – My Nan could have your Nan.

Below is the tracklist for the latest show. Its got some big hitters along with some tiny little sh*tters. I really enjoyed it. It is/was show 80 and was broadcast on 6th August 2006.

1. Pain Go Away by DaFluke, Bad Timing EP:

2. Can’t Shake by Chenard Walcker, Archisex:

3. Mouldy Old Electro by Cokernut Pigeon, Auraloffalwaffle Compilation:

4. Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong:

5. The Cock Looks Red by ANIMAL, Cock E.S.P. – Hurts So Good (The Painful Remixes) Compilation:

6. Discopathology by Noise/Girl, Discopathology:

7. Fix Up, Look Sharp by Dizzee Rascal, Boy In Da Corner:

That is all for now. Bye.