Epistaxis Time – Slurgle

You’re in for an anti-treat! This Epistaxis thrusts us into a beautiful plush environment of slurgles, polythene oysters bearing mucous pearls, a trolley quivering in an alleyway, crazed metal and meat agape. Feel loneliness.

Bubbles, Resonators and AlleywayOil fat is mixed with Nivea Visage Q10 plus (the world’s favourite anti-wrinkle cream) bubbling wildly, then fed into EM coils which induce an electrified shopping basket to resonate and tease out standing waves within the grille to dispense their periodicity and sonic cum. This eventually caves in to a rather disorientating tale of one agoraphobe’s mental preparations to hurl a bit of toilet roll into a record store (full of socially adept twats).

Lovely soothing stuff, and especially encouraging if you’re a gentle person in a horrid testosteroney world (BTW, I implore you to bathe in oestrogenised sequins with purple daffodils) coming to terms with steel, glass, concrete, etc.

3 thoughts on “Epistaxis Time – Slurgle

  1. Cristo B

    A sonic parable for our times. May your wierdness flourish, and the
    mayhem mushroom into sublimity.
    Zappa, Varese, & Pierre Henri – you’re in good company. Love the humour. Cristo B (Chris Brewer)

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