Wavelength – Corrected Slogans

Two songs by Frederic Rzewski: Lullaby: God to a Hungry Child, poem by Langston Hughes originally published in 1925 and reprinted in Good Morning Revolution. Rzewski version written in 1974, with David Holloway, baritone; Karl Berger, vibraphone and Anthony Braxton, clarinet. Apolitical Intellectuals; David Holloway, baritone; Frederic Rzewski, piano. Both tracks from New American Music, New York Section Composers of the 1970’s. Then, Don’t Talk to Sociologists from Corrected Slogans by Art and Language and The Red Crayola (1976). Money Blues (Parts 2 and 3) by Archie Shepp from Things have got to change, featuring the voice of Joe Lee Wilson (1971). Finally, new world order, who decides? by Charles Hayward from Near and Far (1997).