Sine Of The Times 26/06/2011 – Residents Special

The cutting edge of London’s underground dance music scene with Thomas Lee and Rita Maia. With Rita heading off for the next few shows we decided to put together a little showcase of what you can expect to hear from our two presenters if you happen to catch them out and about over the coming weeks. It’s going to be a good summer!

Here’s what we played:

Mo Kolours – Dead of Night
Holy Other – Touch
Beaumont – Tokyo
Jazzsteppa – Threapy For Blind Musicians
Neat & Submerse – Close (Falty Dl Remix)
Bias & Gurly – Roll
Brenmar – Want Me
BNJMN – One Sea
Synkro & Indigo – Reflections
Roots Manuva – Watch Me Dance
Neon Jung- Just Cant
Bass Cleff – Rollercosters Of The Heart
Kidnap Kid – IF
Cosmin Trg – Fizic
George Fitzgerald – Silhouette
Photek – Totem
Cessa – Danger
Floating Points – Sais (dub)
Chairman Kato – Scar Clearance
Africa Hitech – Out In The Streets (VIP)

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