Jam Tomorrow – Episode 3 – April 16th 2010

Jam Tomorrow

Joe Kassman-Tod, Paul Richards, Katharine Hibbert, K.Biswas, Rys Farthing and guests discuss politicians’ promises and the crucial issues driving the 2010 election campaigns.  Broadcasting three times a week: Tuesday 12:30pm, Thursday 10:30pm and Friday at 2:30pm. There is also a comedic take on the election in the form of The Steve Parry Show: Totally Biased – Tuesday 9:00 – 9:30pm. Forthcoming: veteran anarchist and agitator and the best political commentator in the U.K Ian Bone also has a run of programmes  – Ian Bone’s By-Election Special beginning on Wednesday April 21st at 1:00pm.

April 16th 2010

A dissection of what the upcoming general election means for Human Rights in the UK.

With the persistent focus on ‘fairness’, ‘efficiency’ and ‘helicopters’, this show applies a different lens. We will look at what this election means for a very real issue – what will the upcoming election mean for Human Rights in the UK?

With the major parties pledging to either strengthen, retain and repeal British human rights protections, this is our chance to discuss the real difference between conflicting viewpoints.

Joining us in the studio we have legendary political activist, Peter Tatchell, and Anita Coles from civil liberties organisation, Liberty. We also have contributions from leading human rights academic Professor Conor Gearty of the LSE and Matrix Chambers, and Katie Ghose, Director of the British Institute of Human Rights.

Presented by K. Biswas and Rys Farthing